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Be In Vogue, Be In Style For It Will Take You Ahead A Mile

Though dressing up fashionably is important for both men and women, this sense is more in women and it is for them there are many different varieties and options available. The maximum a man can choose from is the same old pants, shirts or trousers and nothing else. The difference comes only in the colors and designs that are printed on the shirts and t-shirts. Of course there are many other outfit varieties for men that are staged on fashion shows but those do not fit their daily needs. But in case of women, the variety is huge. There are infinite numbers of dress or apparel options for them and it is in fact a task to choose from the wide variety.

Adding up to this are the accessories and the other extra fittings that complement the apparel, click here for all time fashion tips for dressing up, especially for women and going by this would definitely help in being with the trending society and its people. Show modestly – most of the fashionable clothes are not the modest dresses these days. More than what is covered it is the open areas that are shown to the outside world. But women should know to dress strategically. It is the basics that say that if you leave your cleavage open then make sure to keep the rest the body covered and if it is your legs shown to the people outside then make sure to cover the rest completely. This not only keeps you modest but also makes you look sexy.

Color combinations – try to stay up with what is trending in the society currently. Black and white is an evergreen combination and this can never fall down in anybody`s eyes. If you are in black and white, try not to overuse them for they might bleach out and try to stock not more than three pairs of this blend. Again if you are in white, you need to be in white in its full sense; meaning a shirt that is pale or yellowish might put you down in your expectations and respect in the society. So if it`s black and white, it has to be the proper black and white and no other shades. Contradictory accessories – always choose to go for bags and accessories that are bright and glaring in color. Such dark and rich colors would go with any type and color of attire and it in fact would add up to the brightness of your outfit. Even your shoes talk about your personality in addition to the dresses you wear. So always try to match your outfit with your leg piece too.

Look in twos and threes – dresses need not be a single piece one always. There are two pieces and three piece apparels too. So try to have a mix of all these and do not give a thought or idea to any of your friends that if it is you then it is only this particular type of clothing. Being trendy or fashionable also means being in variety. So let your wardrobe too enjoy the fun of variety.

Know the material you are wearing - like how importance is given to the type of outfit being worn, it is also important to look at the fabric or the material with which they are made. It is jeans; it has to be 95% cotton and 5% Lycra. For such materials to hold up your shape and structure they need atleast 2% Lycra and only the ones that promise to come in this mixture is believed to be the originals.



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Care for the wear – before purchasing a particular outfit, try to gauge the washing conditions of it. Check the material that is used in its designing and then check if they can be washed normally because few of the fabrics require special washing or dry cleaning which will keep their shelf-life longer. Also check if they suit the hands or the machines while washing for some might get damaged when washed in the machines and this makes their purchase an unworthy one. These are some of the tips that needs to be followed even for a men`s clothing though these are specifically mentioned for women